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Newton County CID

Over the last 8 years, we have had the honor of working alongside various municipalities within Newton County, Georgia including the Highway 278 Community Improvement District (CID). The CID is responsible for managing the investments and execution of enhancing areas within the county.

The HWY 278 CID, focuses on improving the gateways, landscaping, signals, signage, transportation, safety, and median and sidewalk beautification along the highway’s corridor. We worked with the board of directors, providing insight around the value of branding and a strategy for their organization.

Onward Together

This exercise led us to building a new identity for the campaign, “Elevate 278, Onward Together.” We developed a simple yet dynamic and flexible identity system with various design elements to use in multiple applications. One of the most effective methods for the HWY 278 CID to share their vision with the public is with signage and banners while they are developing an area within the community. With that in mind, we provided a variety of wayfinding visual cues as well as supported them in revising their website, newsletter, and supplemental graphics.