Pain Care Labs

We had the pleasure of working with the team at Pain Care Labs on a number of marketing initiatives. From branding and identity, to website development, motion graphics and ad layout and production. We also developed graphic presentation panels and produced a comprehensive visual brand guideline document to help the internal team ensure consistency at every touch point.

Cincar Consulting Group

When C2G was just settling into their new office, we were hired to produce compelling graphics and video for their interior. It was important to breathe life into this corporate office-park space, so we used large photo prints and aluminum channels along with video and motion graphics to tell their stories and convey their mission.


EGD partnered with The Pineapple Agency, in a full rebranding of a new lead generator, Grin+Beam.

Taking the brand to the next level with a complete rename and strategy around brand architecture for content creation led to the generation of a strong body of custom visuals for digital, print, video and ultimately on-site experiential marketing.

Skully Technologies

In 2018 we were introduced to motorcycle helmets that integrate AR (augmented reality) as the primary technology helping riders to see all that surrounds them. Utilizing a camera on the rear of the helmet and a pop-up display just below the right eye, this technology communicates not only the visuals of what’s happening behind the rider but also integrates voice command, music, phone, and navigation.

We had 60 days from the start of the project to design a tradeshow booth for the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. In under 100 days, we produced a 20’x10’ booth that incorporated a 20’x4’ video wall. We captured content via GoPros, steadycam, and drone, and used 3D modeled renderings and live-action footage to curate a short seamless video that through “moments,” revealed the depth and breadth of the technology.

Christopher Wood was our co-producer on the booth and video, and we enjoyed powerful assistance from Harley Musch, Joel Silverman, Matthew Jones Photography, Carson Nyquist, WitnessCo and Stephen Wahl.

Better World Books

Our mission for Better World Books was to work with their marketing team to tell the story of their collaborative relationship with a commercial real estate company. The campaign to promote their “green bins” relied on espousing the benefits of having one on their land. It was great to work with an organization dedicated to funding literacy programs around the world.

One of the touch points for the brand was developing a dynamic 10’x10’ tradeshow booth that incorporated replaceable graphic panels to accommodate various marketing messages and varying height adjustments depending on venue parameters.

Google Earth

Collaborating with the team at Toast & Jam we created several experiential moments inside the California Academy of Science in San Francisco for the launch of Google Ocean. Having just mapped the ocean with Underwater Earth and The Ocean Agency, Google tasked us with producing one of their first immersive product launches. We also helped launch Google Moon, which was a collaborative project with NASA.

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