Our primary objective was to establish an identity that radiates clarity and simplicity, while still evoking a sense of familiarity. Building upon this vision, we successfully launched an array of brand and marketing materials, including a comprehensive brand guide, a captivating website, engaging videos and social media content, informative staff collateral, appealing student swag, and even a captivating music album.

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Green Boom

Our approach to rebranding Green Boom was rooted around the aposematic visuals we see occur biologically in nature. Taking that to the next step we wanted to redefine what it meant to be green, in an industry so saturated by companies touting “being green”, and more often than not using the color green, we chose to differentiate ourselves by standing our ground with a memorable and organic shape to reference to product, approachable typeface, and vibrantly balanced color palette.


For CareTrack, a fully integrated, remote health care solution, we produced the identity and logo program, collateral system, customized icons and illustrations, art direction of photography, and website support.

Cue the coffee by EGD Agnecy


It started with the overwhelming need to empower call center and customer service agents with a better tool to drive success through the complexities of adopting new technologies. Not just for improved call results, but also thinking through the user experience on both the agent AND the customer side. Meet Cue, the virtual overlay.

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Newton County

Working with the Newton County Industrial Development Authority (NCIDA), has been a fantastic experience. As agency of record for over 5 years, we’ve had the chance to serve their marketing needs through print, web, video, aerial/drone, motion graphics and photography.

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University of Pennsylvania + AAL

We recently had the opportunity to work on the branding of a collaborative program between University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and AAL. This included the design of their identity and logo, as well as producing their website, videos and collateral material.

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Star Aligners

We were asked to help develop a new brand. Working closely with a group of Orthodontists we developed several concepts that covered the e-commerce platform, branded content, and tone of voice. We then created a suite of brand assets as a toolkit that could be used by the Star Aligners marketing team in their communications.

Taste of Atlanta

We’ve had the great pleasure of working with Dale Desana and her team at Taste of Atlanta on a variety of projects. The finest local chefs, fabulous food, interesting industry professionals, delicious craft cocktails…what’s not to love?

We captured the iconic foodie events, Southern Wing Showdown and Taste of Atlanta Food Festival, with multiple cameras, steadycam, and drone footage. From talking head and B-roll, we were able to drive home the message that Atlanta’s a hard city to beat when it comes to top chefs, restaurants, and an expanding roster of pop-ups. We created one-to-three minute videos for each of these festivals for broadcast on social media. If only there were smellovision…


Cincar Consulting Group

When C2G was just settling into their new office, we were hired to produce compelling graphics and video for their interior. It was important to breathe life into this corporate office-park space, so we used large photo prints and aluminum channels along with video and motion graphics to tell their stories and convey their mission.

Covington Municipal Airport

Working closely with John King, the manager of this small yet mighty municipal airport, we were able to elevate their online presence with just a few key changes in design. For the logo, we started with capturing the essence of flight, and referenced the color palette of the logo of the City of Covington, which owns and operates the airport.

In addition to producing the website, we facilitated a photoshoot (with drone footage from our FAA-Certified pilot) with the key team members, and captured various vignettes of the airport, including the newly renovated runway and B-roll of the hangar and airport staff at work.

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