Our primary objective was to establish an identity that radiates clarity and simplicity, while still evoking a sense of familiarity. Building upon this vision, we successfully launched an array of brand and marketing materials, including a comprehensive brand guide, a captivating website, engaging videos and social media content, informative staff collateral, appealing student swag, and even a captivating music album.

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Nickl™ is a POS and eCommerce solution startup. Our team has meticulously crafted a comprehensive branding package from scratch, encompassing strategic naming, visually captivating identity, and a dynamic website designed and developed with utmost care.

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Secure Foods

Established for the sole purpose of providing peace of mind for organizations, institutions, and individuals with food, sustenance and nutrition in times of emergency.

We were brought in to create the Secure Foods identity including: logo, palette, typography, iconography, packaging, sales collateral, and website.

Green Boom

Our approach to rebranding Green Boom was rooted around the aposematic visuals we see occur biologically in nature. Taking that to the next step we wanted to redefine what it meant to be green, in an industry so saturated by companies touting “being green”, and more often than not using the color green, we chose to differentiate ourselves by standing our ground with a memorable and organic shape to reference to product, approachable typeface, and vibrantly balanced color palette.

Cue the coffee by EGD Agnecy


It started with the overwhelming need to empower call center and customer service agents with a better tool to drive success through the complexities of adopting new technologies. Not just for improved call results, but also thinking through the user experience on both the agent AND the customer side. Meet Cue, the virtual overlay.

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Pain Care Labs

We had the pleasure of working with the team at Pain Care Labs on a number of marketing initiatives. From branding and identity, to website development, motion graphics and ad layout and production. We also developed graphic presentation panels and produced a comprehensive visual brand guideline document to help the internal team ensure consistency at every touch point.

HWY 278

Over the last 8 years, we have had the honor of working alongside various municipalities within Newton County, Georgia including the Highway 278 Community Improvement District (CID). The CID is responsible for managing the investments and execution of enhancing areas within the county.

The HWY 278 CID, focuses on improving the gateways, landscaping, signals, signage, transportation, safety, and median and sidewalk beautification along the highway’s corridor. We worked with the board of directors, providing insight around the value of branding and a strategy for their organization.


BrandCottage is a strategic media and planning agency with offices in New York, Atlanta, Phoenix, Charlotte, Savannah and Los Angeles. We recently partnered with them to elevate their brand and online presence which included a new identity and logo system as well as a new website.

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Georgia Ophthalmologists

This website had to provide information about the many services Georgia Ophthalmologists offers, but it also needed to convey the culture and thought leadership of Dr. Jose Bigles and his team. We first outlined the website on paper, then moved to Sketch to document the UX (user experience). After getting approval from the client on the various pages and content, we moved into the creative phase by building a customized, responsive wordpress site.

Whether for desktop, tablet or mobile, we curated content to best fit the screen with optimum online delivery. From heavy text, graphics and images, to video, to downloadable forms, the original content matrix helped keep us honest and efficient. Additionally, we produced a series of videos featuring Dr. Bigles communicating about the many services his practice provides.

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Taco Molino

We proudly share a studio with No Architecture, with whom we occasionally collaborate when the stars align. For example, NoArch was designing an innovative Mexican restaurant in Fort Mill, SC, when they asked us to join the party (and working with this team IS a party…)

We created the exterior iconic blade neon sign as well as various elements of the interior — not just the visuals but the background “story” of the fabled (but fictitious) Molino Family and their culinary exploits. Once the build was complete, we went on to design and produce the website, and assisted with video and photography. Included in the graphics package was a series of line art and illustrations to infuse character and style throughout the menu.

Photography: Fredrik Brauer

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